Hello and welcome to my blog! I am a new Toronto Prop Stylist and Event Stylist. I also run an Etsy shop after my name where I sell handmade bridal headpieces and indulge my crafty side. This blog is a way for me to talk about my projects, what I am interested in, about decorating, styling, crafting, and local artists who are doing cool things.

As you probably know, there is no college or university program that can teach you how to become a Prop Stylist (at least none that I know of here in Toronto). I followed the path that most stylists before me have also followed: assisting a senior stylist for a period of time and learning the business that way. Making connections and doing as many creative shoots as you can in order to build up a portfolio of work.

Prior to styling I was a Social Service worker, actually a pretty burnt out one by the time five years rolled around. Despite spending a significant amount of time in school learning to work with people in a helping field, I have always loved decorating, crafting and DIY, thrifting, photo styling and anything creative. As the years passed I realized that I really needed a break from social service work.  I decided I was going to pursue a more creative career.

I began to research and to look into what might be out there for me. The easy part was knowing what I liked. I know I like interesting objects, making crafts, taking pictures and generally making things pretty. I began to look into how I could turn this passion into an actual paying job. Prop styling and event styling seemed to come up time and time again as an option as it seemed to be the most perfect career for me!

I made the transition and I have had some amazing opportunities pop up, met some incredibly talented people, and worked with wise experienced mentors. I am looking forward to my future and growth in the industry, working with new people, and hope you'll enjoy reading about it here on my blog!



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