fall comfort food photo shoot

It’s no secret that I love food: tastes, textures; tasty meals shared with special people…

Really, I even love the look of food; so it isn’t a surprise that I love to style food for photo shoots. Food’s attractiveness is unique; and photographs are a beautiful way to explore and play with its aesthetic.

Baguette sandwich 

Baguette sandwich 

I did a fall food photo shoot recently with two of my favourite industry professionals – Photographer Tyler Bowditch and Food Stylist Matthew Kimura  and the result was a photo series of delicious dishes and drinks for the cooler months.

What’s huge to remember with food photography is that the food is the subject, the model, the show, etc. You want the props to complement the food rather than distract from it.

I chose props that were more neutrally-toned: weathered wood cutting boards and aged utensils with patina. 

Duck rillette

Duck rillette

I kept to fabrics with natural textures (organic linen, muslin and burlap) for table linens and napkins.  

Palette: Off white, beige, taupe, medium brown and natural wood tones

Prop list:

-Plates in different sizes, textures and shapes

-Soup bowls in different sizes, shapes and textures

-Mini bowls and dishes for sauces and ingredients

-Variety of wood cutting boards in many shapes and sizes

-Serving platters big and small

-Napkins and table linens

-Variety of mason jar styles in different sizes

-Variety of drinking glasses in all shapes and sizes

-Carafes, glass bottles, decanters

-Lots of flatware and kitchen utensil options (knives, forks, spoons, scoops, mini spoons and appetizer forks etc) antique and modern options both.

Calvados apple brandy cocktail

Calvados apple brandy cocktail

I also brought along little extras like foraged flowers and greens, seasonal white pumpkins, birch wood bits, box of craft supplies for on-set crafting, and anything I feel might enhance the shoot and give us more options to work with. 

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup

 Photography: Tyler Bowditch

Food Styling: Matthew Kimura

Prop Styling: Krystin Leigh Smith

Thanks to The Props prop house for providing surfaces and extra props!



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