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Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. It's especially fun to decorate since I find Christmas decor to be magical. I love the smell of pine in the house, delicate vintage ornaments, glitter and twinkle lights. What could be more charming than all of that? I share this love of Christmas time with my husband as we both have wonderful memories of the holidays growing up and into adulthood. We have even started our own Christmas traditions that we observe yearly since we met.

Styling by Alanna Davey 

Styling by Alanna Davey 

I know many prop stylists get sick of all-things Christmas pretty soon after starting to work in the industry since as a stylist you will be decorating many sets for Christmas editorials and advertising campaigns. Christmas is a very busy time in the prop styling world. I may be the exception though, as I don’t think I could ever tire of Christmas. It’s simply too wonderful!

Some really beautiful work gets produced around the holidays and I just wanted to share some examples of the amazing Christmas styling images that are inspiring me this year.

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Simplicity is good. Not everything has to be covered in German glass glitter to be Christmasy! 

I have a special place in my heart for vintage Christmas ornaments and decor. Those precious authentic WWII ornaments are tough to find at a good price (or at all) but every now and then I'll stumble on some less rare ones. I never leave them behind when I'm thrifting! I also love the kitschy pink tinsel and bottle brush trees.  

These gorgeous Christmas tablescapes are perfect. Christmas is such a wonderful time to make some festive centerpieces and treat your guests to fun and fancy table settings. I don't really believe in owning stuff you can only use on special occasions but if you do, Christmas is when it makes an appearance!

I will be doing a lot of baking this year, as I do every year. I like to give some as gifts and love when others gift their baking to me!  I love to try out new recipes but also always make the traditional gingerbread, sugar cookies and pies. These amazing food styling shots remind me of why I like food propping so much! 

Happy Christmas styling!

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