Stylist Crush: Lo Bjurlf

A while back, I happened upon a beautiful room set and loved it so much I went digging for the stylist's name. It happened to be the work of the amazing Lo Bjurlf: a hugely talented interior stylist from Sweden with the most sophisticated eye for design. She's truly become one of my biggest style influences and continues to wow me with everything she does.  

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I have always been interested in lots of different design styles and often felt conflicted when trying to decorate my own living space. I used to have a hard time with style mixing and felt I could never make all the things I like fit together cohesively.  I felt frustrated in thinking that there must always be a compromise when choosing accessories and furniture for a room because there was no way I would be able to mix my equal love of both rustic and modern, antique and trendy; something always had to go.  Boy, was I wrong and I am so glad that over the years I have grown to understand that style mixing is totally something I can do! 

What I love about Lo Bjurlf is her ability to create spaces that are equally simple and visually spectacular all at once. The way she can mix old and new, paring the traditional with the modern and whimsical, is really her signature and she does it better than any stylist I've ever seen.  Her work has really taught me how to use contrasting styles to create a wonderfully interesting design that fits every one of my loves into one room. 

She tends to favor a color palette of neutrals: white, beige, and often a dash of pink or yellow. When she styles a dark room, shades of grey and navy blue not usually contrasting too much except for a single brightly coloured piece such as an accessory or piece of furniture. When using bright color she goes for the softer pastels which still end up reading neutral, simple and calming.  This makes me so incredibly happy since I tend to veer towards a neutral palette myself, but nothing will ever make me give up my love of the color pink!

Lo's style and effortless design talent has been a great inspiration to me. By studying her work I have been able to really expand my palate and think outside the box when styling a set and when working on making my own living space a perfect reflection of all the things me and my husband love.  

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